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Posted by Barry Spurway on Mar 12, 2021

Every village in Ireland has a rich history. A history that American tourists, among many others come to find. Why don't we give them somewhere to experience this history. I wanted to open a museum in Drumkeeran, but.....
With co-operation from other areas, and with the whole community pulling together, every village could have a little museum. Filled with pictures from the past. Stories from some of the families that have lived here forever. Something in every town or village for the tourists and new residents to learn about the locality, and of Ireland in general and it's place in the world. Most villages have an empty building that could be utilised. Every village have people who could man it. Volunteers to begin with, but in time, they could be paid from the income from the museum entrance fee. Local children could help build the exhibits, and then future generations could visit as part of history lessons. Depending on the ambition of the local community it could go prehistoric


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Jane Tansey

Great idea.. we have an unused garda barracks in Dromahair just lying there… what a waste!
Would be great to see these buildings being used in this way.

Barry Spurway

I hadn't thought of the employment schemes as a way to man the museum. I think it could be a useful source of income to a local community, bringing communities together, and getting us some of the tourist money that comes into Ireland each year. Each area could in time, get souvenirs to sell. Again some of this could be from local groups or the work of students at the schools

Kathleen Kearns

the intergenerational aspect of your proposal is great, the past, present, and future of the area one location. Most towns have a community centre that would be greatly enriched with exhibitions and display as you describe. Guides could be trained up on the various employment schemes i.e. Tús and RSS

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