Developing a Multipurpose Community, Arts and Cultural Centre in Ballybay


About the Course


This Course focuses on generating community action around the Challenge of creating a strong action plan for developing a Multipurpose Community, Arts and Cultural Centre in Ballybay, for the area and its surrounds. Design Thinking processes will be used throughout the training to generate actionable ideas for the Centre and develop them into effective implementations.

You will also have access to 1-on-1 sessions with your trainer or co-trainer. Co-trainers are volunteers from your county who have specialist knowledge and/or experience in their community.

The schedule will be determined once an interested Team have registered their interest and are ready to begin. The Course length can vary between a Sprint (21 hours) and Marathon (42 hours) of training based on the availability of the Team and the weight of the Challenge. You and your Team will be expected to commit to weekly training sessions, typically 2 hours in length.

Social Enterprise, Business, Development Group, Local Services, Education / Training, Town Centres, Food & Drink, Tourism, Youth Development

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