Develop a plan for a roller skate rink in Monaghan



About the Course


A set of workshops will be delivered to a group of individuals interested in developing a plan for a roller-skating rink in County Monaghan. Please register for the workshops – days and times to be discussed and scheduled to accommodate as many interested persons as possible.
The participants will follow the Design Thinking process to work toward the development of a plan. Design Thinking is creative problem solving and our Design Thinking training teaches valuable skills that can be used to create people-centred, innovative plans in response to challenges or opportunities like the roller skate rink.

Roller-skating is an intergenerational physical activity. It is an indoor activity that ticks a lot of boxes. It provides a physical and mental health boost, and is an activity for youth who are at a loose end because they do not fit in with other sports.

Social Enterprise, Local Services, Health And Wellbeing, Town Centres, Children And Families, Place & Space, Youth Development

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