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About the Course


This course starts on Thursday, 17th of February and will run on Thursdays 4 pm - 6 pm.

This Innovating Communities Course will raise awareness of Ardee Bog, within the locality of Ardee, as an essential landscape for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and (potentially) recreation and tourism.

'Friends of Ardee Bog' is a grassroots, environmental community group who aim to protect, preserve, and promote Ardee Bog. Friends of Ardee Bog would like to carry out an ecological assessment of a sample area of Ardee Bog alongside community members who share the same interests in the bog.

The ecological assessment would investigate which plant and animal species are supported by the sample area of the bog (orchids, bees, dragonflies etc). It would also evaluate the rewetting and rewilding potential of the sample area.

The findings of this assessment would be communicated with the local community through engagement activities, outreach, and other initiatives. By using the design-thinking process, the group can work out how to undertake this research, and what methods should be used to communicate the results with the public.

This challenge would equip Friends of Ardee Bog with valuable knowledge and experience which would help us to carry out similar and potentially more extensive projects in the future. If you are interested in Ardee's bog and biodiversity, register now.

New challengers are welcome to join at any point; request to join, and the trainer will get in touch to make sure you are up to speed.

Innovating Communities courses are led by Design Thinking experts and community volunteer 'co-trainers' to help training teams tackle projects like these.

Our Design Thinking training teaches valuable skills that can be used to create people-centred, innovative plans in response to challenges or opportunities like the one above. You will also have access to 1-on-1 mentoring from your trainer and co-trainer. Co-trainers are volunteers from your county with knowledge and/or experience in community action.

The schedule will be determined once the interested team have registered their interest and are ready to begin. The Course length can vary between 21 and 42 hours of training based on team availability and the weight of the Challenge. You and your team are expected to commit to weekly training sessions, typically 2 hours in length. The team will also conduct community research and outreach during various course stages between sessions.

Place & Space, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity

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