Towards 2025: Community Groups Connecting



About the Course


What does the future hold for your community group?

This course will focus on how Donegal has grown and changed over the past number of years, and how it's community groups engage and interact with one another. The needs, wants and ambitions of people who live in the local area and how we connect is becoming more diverse too.

Do you feel like it's time to take a fresh approach to engaging your communities’ greatest asset, IT’S PEOPLE?

Some of the challenges the course might focus on;
> How can you better understand your community, it’s people, who they are, their wealth of skills, talents and diversity?
> Are there untapped skills in your community which could bring a new energy to your community organisation?
> How can you connect with them and engage them moving forward?
> How can you empower your community group and its residents?
> How can you support your community grow and deliver in these ever changing times?

Innovating Communities courses are led by Design Thinking experts and community volunteer 'co-trainers' to help training teams tackle projects like these.

Our Design Thinking training teaches valuable skills that can be used to create people-centred, innovative plans in response to challenges or opportunities like the one above. You will also have access to 1-on-1 mentoring from your trainer and co-trainer. Co-trainers are volunteers from your county with knowledge and/or experience in community action.

The Course length can vary between 21 and 42 hours of training based on the availability of the Team and the weight of the Challenge. You and your Team will be expected to commit to weekly training sessions, typically 2 hours in length. The team will also conduct community research and outreach during various stages of the course, between sessions. The course is scheduled to start on January the 27th, and will be running Thursday's from 7-9pm.

Enrol in this course to start the journey today to re-focus and re-energise your community group.

Social Enterprise, Smart Villages, Development Group, Local Services

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